Preparing the BtoB matchmaking session

The first "Silver Normandie"  BtoB matchmaking session  is free of charge. In 20/30 minutes, entrepreneurs and professionals can identify and stimulate B2B collaborations and partnerships. This is a quick and easy way to present your business to potential partners and new markets.
This event is also open to national and international companies who wish to meet potential partners on our territory. 

How does it work?
1) Registration
2) Visibility and promoting Profile
3) Planning appointments
4) Confirmation of appointment

Please register on the website and create your profile. Your profile is an introduction to potential partners, explaining the products and services you offer, and describing what you are looking for future cooperation and partnerships.
If you want to add a profile in French, click on “add a profile cooperation” and enter your description in French.

Visibility and  Profile promotion
After completing the profile, it will be validated  by the administrator and visible to the public. MIRIADE and its partners will promote by means of their local, national and international networks.
You can also invite your contacts and promote your participation in this event. If you want to edit your profile, you can do it at any time using the email address and password you used when registering.

Scheduling a meeting
After receiving an email informing you that that matchmaking is open  you can proceed to the next step : plan your BtoB meetings. In a few minutes, you can enter your search criteria according to your business and technology needs and identify potential partners.
You can then send meetings requests potential partners in order to arrange an appointment based on your mutual interests. Be prepared to meet potential partners interested in your profile, you will have to accept/reject the requests made.
You can choose a maximum of 8 appointments per participant.

BtoB meetings schedule
A few days before the conference we will send you an email with the details of all the people you'll meet and your meetings schedule.

Bilateral Talks

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